The Ratcliffe Spitfire

The Ratcliffe Spitfire

In 2011, Mr Dominic Berry, Head of Art and Design, started The Ratcliffe Spitfire project to enable the students of Ratcliffe College to build a full size replica MKI Spitfire of that flown by Paul Baillon of 609 Squadron during the Battle of Britain.  CAD Works Engineering Ltd is honoured to be assisting with some of the engineering tasks of this project.  Currently we are helping with drawing assistance for the production of the fuselage frames and the manufacture of a supporting jig to aid the assembly of the fuselage.  We have also carried out some preliminary designs and feasibility studies for a building to house the full size replica Spitfire on completion.  The aim for the building is to also serve as an Educational Centre for school children, along with local residents but could appeal and draw interest nationwide.  It will also house a flight simulator as well as a museum for donated parts from the real Spitfire flown during the war.

‘The full size MKI replica Spitfire is an iconic symbol of British pride.  Its construction is a clear, accurate and stimulating tribute to those engineers and pilots who made it and flew it in the 1940’s.  Our project will honour the hundreds of aircrew who flew from Ratcliffe Aerodrome during WWII, known as No.6 Ferry Pool with the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) and those pilots who flew Spitfires and died in the Battle of Britain.’

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